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Everyone who plays golf wants to get better, but for a myriad of reasons not many do anything to make it happen. Through our Impact-Based® Teaching, we have helped thousands of students relieve their golf frustrations and quickly cut their handicap in half and it all starts with a 90-minute new student assessment.

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Here's what you'll get:

  • 90 minutes of expert evaluation and analysis to identify what is keeping you from perfect impact
  • Cutting-edge technology such as TrackMan, Foresight, K-Coach and Swing Catalyst
  • Lesson and video review
  • Free private student portal for reviewing the lesson analysis and launch monitor data
  • A customized game improvement plan designed to help you make the changes to your impact that will most quickly improve your consistency, gain distance and lower your scores  

Only $199 sets you on the road to the best golf of your life.


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Bobby Clampett is a PGA Tour Winner, Champions Tour Player, CBS Sports Broadcaster, and author. Bobby’s instructional insights and abilities as a teaching professional earned him the PGA of America’s top teaching designation: PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching. Bobby is the first lifetime member of the PGA Tour to earn this honor. 

In 2007, Bobby developed a revolutionary teaching model, based on his own career and study of the best players… The IMPACT ZONE®. As demand for his teaching skyrocketed, Bobby recruited the best teachers and coaches in the game to become certified in his method. 

Led by Bobby’s top Master Instructors, IMPACT ZONE® Golf now runs programs across the country.

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Here's What Some Golf Insiders Think...


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Johnny Miller
Lead Golf Analyst, NBC Sports Author of ‘I Call the Shots’  
He is as good a student of the game as I’ve ever known. What’s more, he was a great player in his day, and his journey as he struggled with his swing, as well as his experience as a commentator and observer of the contemporary game, qualifies him more than most as a teacher to whom all interested in improving their golf games should listen. I know I will. His unique perspective will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the golf world for years to come. 
Jim Nantz
Golf Anchor CBS Sports
Back when we were both in college, Bobby was a boy genius in golf. For fifteen years as his colleague at CBS, I have continued to be amazed by his comprehensive knowledge of the golf swing. He remains as erudite about the technical nuances of the game as anyone on the planet, and I am thrilled he is now sharing his expertise with the rest of the world!

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